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We at Excellence in Automotive are an RACQ approved repairer, ready to offer customers a range of 4x4 and auto repair services including:

  • Logbook servicing, with free car wash and vacuum
  • Safety inspections 
  • Auto-electrical servicing
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Air conditioning servicing
  • Brake repairs
  • Steering & suspension repairs
  • Clutch & transmission repairs
  • Local-area towing and vehicle recovery
  • Fuel injection servicing
  • RACQ-approved roadside assistance
  • Repco-authorised servicing and replacement parts
  • Rentlo car and ute hire
  • 4WD parts and accessories for sale

RACQ Authorised Repairer

Only the best repairers in Queensland can claim to represent the RACQ. We offer customers quality 4WD and road vehicle repairs and servicing with backing from Queensland's most renowned driver advocacy group, including sales and fitting of new batteries and roadside assistance 24 hours a day. You can entrust your vehicle to us for repairs with complete peace of mind.

To organise your own service, contact us to make a booking.

4WD and Offroad

Nestled in between Townsville and Mackay, Bowen is a central location for many of the Whitsundays' best 4WD driving spots, and Excellence In Automotive aims to cater directly to the 4WD enthusiast. Specialising in 4WD and readying cars for offroad, we fit specialty equipment and accessories to vehicles, and also offer customers everything they need for a day off the beaten track; maps, guides, supplies and insurance.

We'll also be there if you run into trouble, as the RACQ's dedicated breakdown and towing centre for the Bowen region.

4WD Rentals

It's difficult to take advantage of everything the Whitsundays region has to offer without an off-road ready vehicle. Whether you're visiting the area and need a vehicle, or are hoping to go on your next big adventure, you'll be able to find a 4x4 vehicle to suit your needs through our vehicle rental arm, Rentlo Car & Ute Hire.

Logbook Servicing

You don't need to haul your car all the way back to the dealership if you want to keep your warranty. Excellence In Automotive can handle this for you at your convenience.

For those pressed for time, we're able to pick up any vehicle in the Bowen area. After a thorough inspection of your vehicle inside and out with our cutting-edge diagnostic equipment, we'll drop it off at your home or place of business with a complimentary car wash, vacuum, and fuel injection clean.

To organise your own service, contact us to make a booking.

Safety Inspections

Excellence In Automotive is an approved inspection station, able to conduct minimum safety standard inspections for owners wishing to sell their used car or re-register a vehicle with lapsed registration. These inspections will cover:

  • tyres
  • brakes
  • steering
  • suspension
  • body rust or damage
  • windscreen
  • lights

‚ÄčContact us to book an available time for your inspection.

Major Mechanical Repairs

Our workshop is ready to handle a number of various major mechanical repairs, including engine issues and turbo replacements.

A faulty timing belt can spell trouble for a vehicle, leading to more serious problems with your engine that sometimes require large-scale engine rebuilds. We can quickly see to your engine's timing belt and chain, solving issues including a developing engine rattle, misfiring pistons and power loss. Should the worst happen, our workshop is also equipped to handle engine rebuilds.

A turbocharger forces more air into the engine's combustion chamber, resulting in greater drive from the engine. These components can wear out over time, resulting in a loss of that newfound power. Excellence In Automotive is equipped to replace a worn turbocharger, fitting a fresh turbo to petrol or diesel cars.

Contact us to find out what else we can do with your engine.

Auto Electrical

As cars are modernised further and further, a greater focus has to go towards keeping your vehicle's electrical systems in top shape. Our workshop is equipped with advanced electrical diagnostic tools to locate and solve any trouble, from testing and replacing batteries and lights to finding faults and replacing components in your electronic fuel injection system.

To find out more about your car's electrical system, contact us.

Steering and Suspension

It's a reasonable expectation that at some point your car will go over rough, uneven terrain, making reliable suspension a necessity. There's a delicate balance to proper suspension: too firm, and your car will suffer from poor ride comfort, but too soft and you risk damage to your vehicle's undercarriage. 

Our technicians can repair or replace suspension parts, and address certain issues with your steering. Contact us if you have concerns about your suspension.

Air Conditioning

In a climate like ours, a healthy air conditioning system is an essential component for any vehicle. Like any other part of your car, the air conditioning system can wear out and lose effectiveness over time. 

We're ready and able to get your aircon back in shape, including cleaning, repairs and re-gassing. Contact us to see what we can do to help your car keep its cool.

Fuel Injection

In the engine bay, efficiency is key. Loss of drive, poor idle and greater fuel consumption can all stem from issues with your engine's fuel injectors. We can inspect your fuel injectors, clearing the lines or replacing parts entirely on petrol or diesel engines. All services also come with a free fuel injector clean.

Contact us if you suspect problems with your fuel lines.


Correctly performing brakes are an essential safety concern when driving. Brakes are probably the particular area of a car that people most think of in terms of wear and tear; a worn brakepad can be dangerous when on the road.

Excellence In Automotive will check your brakes, replacing or machining brake pads, discs and drum as necessary. If you suspect your car isn't braking as well as it should, contact us for a checkup.

Clutch & Transmission

A loss of drive can also trace back to your vehicle's drive train, stemming from a worn-out clutch or problems in the transmission. Signs of major drive train trouble can include a strong burning smell from under the bonnet, difficulty shifting gears, and a sticking clutch pedal. 

We're equipped to address these problems, including clutch pedal repairs, flywheel work and transmission servicing. If you're having trouble getting into gear, contact us for a service.

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